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2006年8月16日 (水)

Grammaticalization as Ecconomy


Elly van Gelderen (2004) Grammaticalization as Ecconomy, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam/Philadelphia. ISBN:9027227950

Part I

Chapter 1
1. Layers and clauses
2. Grammaticalization across clauses
3. Grammaticalization in a Generative Framework
4. Economy
5. Outline and methodological points

Chapter 2
1. Spec to Head
2. Late Merge
3. Conclusion

Part II

Chapter 3
The structure of CP and the Layer Parameter
1. The Structure of CPs
2. Cross-linguistic differences in the split CP
3. No split in the embedded OE clause
4. Syntax and semantics
5. Verb classes in the history of English
6. The frequent absence of (embedded) CP in Indo-European and Germanic
7. Conclusion

Chapter 4
Spec to Head: The rise of the (embedded) CP
1. Relativesin ModE: From Spec to Head
2. From Spec to Head in OE relatives
3. Complementizer that: From Spec to Head
4. The complementizer Whether: Between Spec and Head
5. Other relatives
6. Conclusion

Chapter 5
Late Merge: The rise of the split CP
1. Finte complementizers in ME
2. Nonfinite complementizers in ME
3. The left periphery
4. Topic incorporation
5. Conclusion

Chapter 6
More Late Merge: Heads to higher Heads and Specs to higher Specs
1. From lexical to grammatical head
2. From grammatical to grammatical head
3. From Spec to Spec
4. Conclusion

Chapter 7
The IP, VP-shell, and thier layers
1. The structure of IP and the VP-shell
2. Cross-linguistic differences regarding the IP
3. IPs as reduced CPs; VPs as reduced IP
4. Patterns of gramaticalization
5. Conclusion

Chapter 8
Changes in modals and have: Competition for ASP-hood
1. ModE Analysis
2. Double modals
3. From V to ASP: Competition with ge
4. Modals and have: Taking over th eASP position
5. Late Merge and concluding remarks

Chapter 9
Perception verbs and ASPect
1. PV complements and aspect
2. PVs in ModE and Dutch: ASP and v
3. OE and ME
4. Conclusion

Chapter 10
Aspect: The Tense Aspect Parameter and innter to outer aspect
1. The simple present and the progressive: The Tense Aspect
2. Changes in ASP
3. Other aspectual markers: do?
4. Inner aspect The E(xtent) Phrase
5. Giorgi & Pianesi: The demise of the infinitival ending and aspect
6. Conclusion and further research

Chapter 11
Late Merge Heads to higher Heads
1. From lexical to gramatical
2. From grammatical to grammatical: From (P to) ASP to M to C
3. Conclusion

Part IV

Chapter 12
The Layer Parameter and Pronominal Argument Languages
1. The Layer Parameter
2. Characteristics of PAL/Polysinthetic Language
3. OE as (partial) PAL
4. The switch to Middle Nd Modern English
5. Conclusion

Chapter 13
1. Grammaticalization as Ecconomy
2. Apparent counterexamples to uni0directionality
3. Principles and Parameters

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