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2006年8月16日 (水)

Historical Pragmatics


Jucker, A. H. (ed) (1995) Historical Pragmatics: Pragmatic Developments in the History of English, Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 35, John Benjamin, Publishing, Amsterdam.

The Historical Perspective in Pragmatics
    Andreas Jacobs and Andreas H. Jucker

Part I: Pragmaphilology
The Openness of Medieval Texts
    Heinz Bergner
They Had Their Points: Punctuation and Interpretation in English Renaissance Literature
    Gert Ronberg
Punctuation: And - 'Pragmatics'
    John Lennard
A Close Reading of William Caxton's Dialogues: "... to lerne Shortly frenssh and englyssh"
    Werner Hullen (u に ウムラウト)
Wills and Will-Making in 16th and 17th Century England: Some Pragmatic Aspects
    Ulrich Bach
Communicative Clues in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    Ma Pilar Naverro-Errasti

Part II: Diachronic form-to function mapping
Pragmatic Maxims in Explanations of Language Change?
    Jose Pinto de Lima (Jose の e にアクサン)
Pragmatic Constraints to Word Order, and Word-Order Change in English
    Enrique Bernardez and Paloma Tejada (Bernandez の a にアクサン)
On Doing as You Please
    Cynthia L. Allen
Your Average Generalizations: A Case-Study in Historical Pragmatics
    Katie Wales
Demonstratives in Early Modern English Letters
    Barbara Kryk-Kastovsky
The Ambiguous Adverbial/Conjunctions pa and ponne in Middle English: A Discourse-Pragmatic Study of then and when in Early English Saints' Lives
    Brita Warvik (Warvik の a の上に○)
Middle English po and other Narrative Discourse Markers
    Monika Fludernik
Diachronic Analysis of Japanese Discourse Markers
    Noriko Okada Onodera
Interjections in Early Modern English: From Imitation of Spoken to Converntions of Written Language
    Irma Taavitsainen

Part III: Diachronic function-to-form mapping
Topics in the History of Dialogue Forms
    Gerd Fritz
"Then I saw to antique heddes": Discourse Strategies in Early Modern English Travelogues
    Tuija Virtanen
Linguistic Politeness Strategies in Shakespere's Plays
    Roman Kopytko
Constraints on Politeness: The Pragmatics of Address Formulae in Early English Correspondence
    Terttu Nevalainen and Helena Raumolin-Brungerg

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